Which Is Better: Straight Razor Or Safety Razor

safety razor vs straight razor

It’s more than likely that you are familiar with different types of razors available in the market, as they are usually advertised on television and featured in movies. The safety and straight razors represent the most common types of razors that most people use.  These two are preferred by most users because it gives the closest possible shave. However, each of them requires varying levels of skills to do so.  Let’s find out among straight razor vs safety razor which is better?

Straight Razor

As the name suggests, a true straight razor is a long straight piece of metal designed to exhibit a sharp tip on one end with a pivotal handle on the other end. Essentially, this type of razor closely resembles a knife that you are most familiar with. Besides, straight razors cuts and shaves just like a knife as well. Because of this resemblance, straight razors are also known as “cutthroat” razors.

Safety Razors

Unlike straight razors, safety razors look more like a cartridge or disposable razors, both in its appearance and how they are used. Safety razors are entirely metallic in nature and differ from most disposable razors which are made of plastic materials.

Because of the design and the nature of these razors, it can be confusing to figure out which one is better to use. And therefore before you decide on which one to settle on, it is appropriate to understand how they are used as well as the design that best suits your intended use.

Looking at the pros and cons of the two razors will help you develop a clear understanding of which one is better than other.

Pros/Cons of straight razor


  • One of the major advantages of using a straight razor is its amazing design and sturdy.
  • It comes with a strong handle that makes the razor durable.
  • When it is maintained by stropping and honing regularly, you will only be required to re-sharpen the blade 6 to 12 months.
  • Most straight razors offer multiple handles options that will help you select the most appropriate shave to fit your personality.


  • Unlike other types of razors, straight razor is not easy to use and may take some time before you get a perfect shave out of it.
  • This razor comes with one blade that if damaged you are required to replace the entire unit.
  • Besides, these razors are expensive and require some skills to sharpen the blade.

Pros and cons of safety razor


  • The main advantage of using a safety razor is its convenience and an increased level of safety when performing close shave.
  • Unlike when using a straight razor, safety razor only requires less practice to get perfect.
  • It is easier to replace the double edge blade when it gets damaged without having to strop and hone the edge.
  • The safety razor is relatively cheaper when compared to the straight razor and other types of modern razors such as cartridge razor.


  • The major downfall of using safety razor is that you are required to pay for additional double edged blades regularly within a short period, unlike straight razor that will last a lifetime.

So which is better- straight razor or safety razor?  I highly recommend safety razor as the best option.