Tracing the evolutionary journey of the piano to the modern day electric keyboard

pianoThe piano is one of the most popular music instruments in the world. For many people, music is synonymous to the piano. Piano often seems to be the fundamental instrument for any musician. In many instances, people start learning music by learning how to play the piano.

The traditional piano is an acoustic stringed instrument that is played by striking chords using a hammer. The player controls the hammers using keys on a keyboard. The player uses the fingers and thumbs of both hands to hit the keys on the keyboard. The Keyboard is usually a bulky and very heavy musical instrument and thus it is usually permanently put in position in selected rooms or halls.

The acoustic piano is also a very expensive instrument usually due to the delicate, precise and expert work that is involved in building one. Pianos are usually musical instruments for major institutions such as schools, churches, and performance venues.

The piano has long since been an important instrument in the music world due to the wide range of sounds that one can get from the instrument. The ability to play chords with up to 10 notes, and the ability to play more than one music line at the same time is a major strength for the piano. This versatility makes it a very good instrument not only for the experts but also for the novices.

With the discovery of electricity, the piano has however evolved to a completely new musical instrument that is much more versatile and much more efficient. The electrical digital piano is an invention that is based on the original piano. It however uses electric technology to provide sound rather than depending on acoustics and string vibrations.

The modern keyboard, as it is popularly known has extra features that make it an awesome instrument. One of the most important features of the electric digital piano is the ability to produce different kinds of sounds aping the sounds of different kinds of traditional instruments including the sounds of the acoustic piano.

The electric digital piano can also ape the sounds of musical instruments such as the guitar, the saxophone, the flute, drums and many other kinds of sounds. Other additional features found in the digital electric piano is the ability to record the music played on it. This music which is recorded in MIDI format can be stored in the keyboard or in an external storage device and replayed in the future.

Electric digital pianos are also very handy when it comes to amplifying the music played. These instruments have ports through which the music electrical signal can be directed to amplifiers and speakers for amplification.

The electric digital pianos are ideal music instruments for people with all kinds of skill and experience. Electric digital pianos can be played easily by beginners including small children. It can also be used for expert performances by experienced maestros.

Unlike the original acoustic piano, the electric digital piano is small and light and thus easy to carry around. It is also much more affordable.