Touring Singapore Parks on a bike

Singapore ParkI love touring the exciting parks and attractions of Singapore. For one, I love enjoying recreation in the outdoors. I love beautiful natural sites and I love meeting other fun loving people. Most of all, I love Singapore due to its Parks Connection Network that connects many major parks and attraction sites such as the East Coast park, the Pasir Ris Park, the Jurong Central Park, and the West Coast Park. The network is easily navigable on a bike.

I love cycling. I have loved cycling for a long time ever since I discovered that I could get lost in my own world while enjoying the motions of cycling and getting to visit many places at the same time. Whenever I had any major decisions that I had to make, I had found that I could ponder on them better when cycling on some lonely quiet path. Whenever I had emotional issues, I would cool them off with a passionate ride across the City State.

Since I got employed, I have used weekend biking trips to cool off the stress that I accumulate throughout the week. My work can be quite stressful, and being an ardent worker I usually have a lot of stress piled up at the end of the week. Taking a long ride helps be rejuvenate myself for the next week.

When I knew about The Parks Connection Network (PCN) it was a great discovery for me. I quit my normal suburb bike rides and started using the parks routes as my biking route. The advantage of this is that the route offers a very safe passage for bikers. You can also meet many other similar minded people on these routes.

Another great advantage that the PCN offers is the convenience of the pit stops that are strategically located along the route. The pit stops offer many amenities for the bikers. Bikers can refresh themselves at the pit stops and buy drinks and other stuff that they might need for their ride. The pit stops offer great food too.

I developed a habit that I would end my bike ride with a sumptuous meal at a pit stop. There are particular pit stops on the PCN that offer some of the best buffets in Singapore. These are common spots for strangers to meet. I have made many friends as I enjoy these meals. The pit stops are unlike other eateries since almost everybody who comes to dine at a pit stop is in a relaxed mood ready for fun. As such, it is easy to socialize.

The pit stops are also hugely advantageous for bikers because most of them provide bikes for hire. I no longer have to use my bike. I just hire a bike at the pit stop close to my home and ride as far as I want. I can decide to backtrack or I can leave the bike at any other pit stop and hop into a cab or train back home. Many times I have to get a cab since I am so full from munching on the delicacies of a sumptuous buffet.