The Crème De La Crème Of Schools

DSCF1019Depending on your career of choice your complete and total success may depend on the college you choose. There are a number of schools who specialize in fields and be a better fit for you and your choice of major. Discovering a school that suits your needs entirely is very important. If you have a knack for writing or curiosity about up and coming stories and want to get into journalism there may be certain schools that would be better options for you.

You may be taking a totally different route by studying guns and want to become a gunsmith and there are only a certain amount of schools that specialize in such a field. No matter what you decide there are a variety of schools you can choose from.

There are a number of different schools that offer journalism as a course of study. One of the top schools for journalism is the University of California in Berkeley. They are the highest rated public college in the United States. They offer students an option for a 2-year Master’s degree in journalism which give you the option to focus your studies on environmentalism, investigative journalism, or even political journalism.

Another great college for journalism is Columbia University in New York, NY. Columbia University is the fourth best journalism school in the country. What is great about them is that they give you the option of a Master of Arts or Master of Science degree in journalism depending on the route you plan to take.

A gunsmith is someone who is licensed and trained to work on and repair firearms. A student can become a gunsmith with an Associate’s degree at an accredited college or university. Piedmont Technical College in South Carolina is one of the top gunsmithing schools which is accredited. The Trinidad State Junior College in Colorado offers a number of different options for students who want to study gunsmithing. This program is one of the longest running gunsmithing program in the country. It is a 2-year degree program and will train you in the most advanced skills and knowledge in gun repair, stock making, and a number of courses that specialize in multiple areas of gunsmithing. This college is a great option if you would like to hone your gunsmithing skills while discovering a number of new skills to prepare you for the job market.

Even though these two careers are on completely different ends of the spectrum they both have a lot to offer when it comes to schooling and training. Whether it is a 2-year degree or a Master’s degree it is extremely important to follow your dreams and get yourself going for that future you have always wanted.