The Best of New York & California

The Best of New York & California

If you are interested in studying music production there are a number of different options at your disposal. Music producers have the ability to make or break the sound of a sound or a record, so professionalism and passion is a must. Music producers tend to work in big cities helping musicians make their sound come to life. New York and California are two of the most common places where music producers find work.

Music Production Schools in California

If you already live on the west coast you may already be looking for a school in California that has a highly rated music production program. If so, then you are in luck. Here is a brief overview of some of the best music production schools in California.

Fresno City College – Fresno City College offers programs in computer music production, music business, as well as audio engineering. These programs focus on the music business as well as how to promote your band and put out a CD. You can also major in Commercial Music which has a broader range of courses.

Long Beach City College – Long Beach City College’s performing arts department offers a offers standard music degrees that will help music production majors develop a wider range of knowledge about the music industry as well as the behind the scenes requirements of becoming a music producer.

Sacramento City College – This College has a program for students interested in commercial music with an emphasis in audio production. They over both a certificate program as well as an Associate’s degree program in audio production. This is a great program for individuals who are looking to get into music production but also want to study a variety of different fields of music. They will prepare you for any musical career choice.

Music Production Schools in New York

There are not a lot of music production schools in New York. However, there are a lot of colleges who offer music production as a major and are online-based schools.

Full Sail University – Full Sail University offers students with a passion for music a variety of different course options. Students can study the music business, music production, music journalism, and a variety of other majors. The best thing about Full Sail is that you can either take classes in person in Florida, or take all of your classes online.

Regardless of which school you choose, your passion for music will truly shine. Take the time to research each school to make sure that they are the right one for you. Music production is a fascinating field to get into and opens the door to a million different possibilities. Go with your passion and you will always fulfill your dreams.

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