Rice: The Perfect Fuel For Carb Loading

Rice: The Perfect Fuel For Carb Loading

Before we begin, congratulations are in order for…you! Carb loading suggests you are in the final stages of preparing for some serious physical activity. If this is the case, let’s review some facts so you don’t end up hitting the wall.

Rice is known as one of-if not the-most efficient carbohydrates. The body digests rice quickly and easily, giving you fast but long-lasting energy in the form of glycogen. The benefits of a quick to convert carbohydrate like rice explains why carb loading is not only a good idea but also a key component to getting the most out of your body’s performance.

It is important to note that the energy benefits from rice don’t apply only to runners or other competitive athletes. There are plenty of other people whose lifestyles aren’t judged by how well their rice cooker performs. Even if you’re more susceptible to rug burns than shin splints, a diet containing rice can help you reap the same rewards as your more athletically inclined counterparts. Rice will give you the same amount of energy to get through a day at the office as it will to power over that last incline. Studies have also demonstrated rice’s ability to help regulate blood pressure and keep the body in harmony..

These days, more than ever, time is a precious commodity; more often than not, between work, kids, and all the other factors that suck your energy, there is barely time to eat a meal, never mind the time needed to prepare one. A healthy meal becomes a bit more attainable by incorporating rice into your diet on a regular basis. Finding the rice cooker most suitable to your needs is a step in the right direction and a step away from cleaning the overcooked rice baked into your pots. Regular doesn’t always have to imply ‘boring’, by the way.

From white to wild and basmati to brown, rice has personality. So whether it’s carb loading for a marathon or a less strenuous activity, the benefits of eating rice aren’t lost on any of us.

Rice: The Perfect Fuel For Carb Loading Credit Picture License: ais3n via photopin cc