Nature Inspired Careers That Pay

Nature Inspired Careers That Pay

If you are an animal lover and are looking to find the right career for you there are a number of choices out there for you. Veterinarians have the wonderful opportunity to work with animals and help provide medical care when they are ill. Becoming a veterinarian takes a lot of patience due to the intense amount of schooling that is required. If you have the passion and drive to work with animals and medicine, then this is definitely the right career for you. But maybe you would rather work under water and learn more about the animals under the sea. No matter where you are headed, the right research will make all of the difference.

It is required that a veterinarian first obtain their Bachelor’s degree in a subject such as animal science or biology. There is a state exam as well as a national one they must pass before they can practice. Most veterinarians open up their own private practices while other’s join animal hospitals and other facilities. Veterinarians average about $90,000 a year in salary depending on whether or not they are in a private practice or otherwise.

There are many accredited colleges and universities in the United States that offer options for veterinary students. Some of these schools are on the list of the top veterinarian schools in the U.S. The Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine is one of the top veterinarian schools in the country and has been accredited for over 150 years. It requires 4 years of study after you receive your 4 year Bachelor’s degree. The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine is another excellent choice. 3-4 hours of coursework at the undergraduate level is required. It currently has the largest medical center for veterinary students in the country. It would also be a wise choice for those looking to get into this field.

A marine biologist studies marine organisms and how they behave and interact with the environment. This is a very broad field to get into so most marine biologists tend to pick a specific area that they are interested in. This is such an important job because at some point into the future we may have to look to the ocean for more of our resources. So, the more we know about the ocean, the better chances it will protect us in the future. This requires an extensive amount of coursework and a lot of hands-on learning and training.

There are a number of marine biology colleges across the country. Harvard University provides both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree program that will set you back about $45,000 a year. The University of Miami offers a Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD in the subject with a cost of about $42,000 a year for tuition. The University of California Santa Barbara offers a Bachelor’s and Master’s program for about $12,000 a year for residents. They also have a doctorate program for marine biology as well. All of these colleges are excellent choices but there are multiple options out there for you so make sure you do your research.

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