Learning The Art And Science Of Death

Learning The Art And Science Of Death

Death is a very trying and stressful time for everybody involved. Learning how to cope with it can be extremely difficult. During this time you want to be able to trust someone with the arrangements and not have to worry about that aspect of the funeral. You want to find someone who is respectful and kind, as well as professional and able to perform their duties up to standards. Finding the right funeral director is the key to having the funeral you are preparing for run as smoothly as possible. A mortician/funeral director is the professional who is in charge of making sure that you feel comfortable with all of the details of the funeral as well all of the preparation and after work.

A mortician directs funerals and is most modernly called a funeral director. Their responsibilities include cremation, embalming, and burying those who have passed on among other jobs. This career also requires you to be a very delicate individual and well as be strictly advanced in your field. Sadly, death is something that will always be a part of life so morticians will always be needed. So you will need the right one for the job. One that has all of the qualities needed.

Before a mortician can become licensed they must attend a mortician school. The Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science is a vocational school that offers an Associate’s degree in one year to the traditional two and a Bachelor’s degree in a year and a half. You would receive hands on preparation and the tuition is $17,000 a year.   Another favorable college is the Worsham College of Mortuary Science. They also offer students the chance to receive their Associate’s Degree in one year. Tuition for Worsham is about $18,000 a year. A mortician typically makes about $55,000 or more annually.

Funeral directors have many tasks they are accountable for when running their funeral home business. The provide very sensitive services such as removal of the body, preparation of the remains, death certificate as well as other legal forms, and training the staff. One of their most important jobs is being emotionally supportive to the families who have lost their loved ones. It is a very emotional and trying time for all of the friends and family. Being thoughtful and understanding are not qualities that can be taught in school. Most individuals either have it or they do not. There are colleges that will teach you the technical characteristic of the job but it is nearly impossible to teach the emotional side.

Funeral directors/morticians are very kind and well-trained individuals who will help you get through your trying time with as little stress as possible. Make sure you do your research and get to know your funeral director before making any decisions.

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