In The Business Of Beauty And Music

In The Business Of Beauty And Music

We all have subjects that mean a lot to us and we are passionate about. Not all of us want to be doctors or lawyers when we grow up, some of us are destined for other things. It is not always easy to find schools and well-paying jobs in the career field that we chose, but it is definitely possible. Many students enjoy working with music while others may want to work in beauty or fashion. No matter what your goal is in life there are career options for you that will make a big difference in how you look at your career choice.

There are many students who like working with beauty and helping people to look their best. An esthetician works in a number of different types of settings helping individuals with different types of skin care. If you become a licensed esthetician then you have a better chance at working in a spa, salon, or resort, doing facials and other skin treatments. You must learn different types of skin care techniques and study subjects such as make-up artistry, pore cleansing, and facial treatments to name a few.

An esthetician can start out making about $30,000 year but this can increase with time and experience. A medical esthetician typically gets paid more than spa estheticians but both choices are equally rewarding. It is very common for estheticians to work in the big city as opposed to a small town because there are more people concerned about their makeup and skin care in the bigger cities.

If you would rather work in the music business, music production may be an option for you. A music production student will be required to study a variety of different topics due to the wide range of knowledge that is needed to perform well at their job. They assist in the process of song selection and controlling the recording process. In this career it is also important for the music production major to know how to mix and master music recordings. Knowing about the technical side as well as the songwriting aspect of music making will help you further your career. There are a number of schools where you can acquire this type of education.

There are some options for you in Florida in music production and other music-related subjects. Full Sail University is based out of Winter Park, FL and also has online coursework available. There are a number of different programs available at Full Sail University such as music production, recording arts, entertainment business, music business, and a number of other Bachelor’s and Master’s degree options for students who are seeking a career in the music business. The great thing about Full Sail University is that you do not have to live in Florida to enroll in one of their music related programs.

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