Handy Buying Guide For Fruit And Vegetable Juicers

Handy vegetables

They are easily available and affordable, however they are difficult during cleaning and to handle them. Compared to electrical powered juicers they are not good at producing fresh juice from fruits and veggies. One is able to carry them in hand as they are portable as one is travelling therefore one can make their own juice as you can see it online at http://healthywisechoice.com/. They are capable of juicing wheatgrass . One of manual juicer is citrus juicer and white grass juicer.Consider the following;

1. Citrus juicer.

Cost and expenses.

This type of juicer is designed to juice oranges, limes, grapefruits .It is most commonly used. The cost of citrus juicer is little as is hand operated compared to electric operated juicer. Warranties coming with a juicer is good element to consider because other warranties expires one to two months and others will need replacements when they wear out.

Process sizable quantities of fruits

When using a handy is not a difficult task.As it processes small quantities of fruit and others may process other types of fruits. This juicer produces smoothies which does not clog during cleaning.

Easy to use and clean.

Unlike electric operators, manual juicers are more preferably easy to use.The use controls the process of juicing hence there are no noises produced .During extracting juices from fruits and veggies,it becomes a messy process which requires a clean-up .They are efficient ones to use because cleaning is made easier.

Nutrient value is preserved.

When using citrus juicer little heat is produced hence no more oxygen is produced.This makes the nutritional value to be conserved for long time and you can use fresh juice from fruits and veggies for up to 72 hours.

2. Wheat grass juicer.

Wide variety of juice.

This type of juicer produces a lot of juice compared to other electrical operated juicers.

Juicing of wheat grass

This is only one which can produce wheat grass juice and other leafy greens as well as other kind of produce such as apples, carrots,and other hard produce.

Nutrients value is maintained.

One kind of manual juicer of masticating type is Z-star manual juicer which produces less heat in process of extraction hence better preserving of enzymes and nutrients.

This juicer is easier to use because the size where you load the chopped fruits and veggie is bigger and hence wide variety of juice is produced .It produces like carrots ginger, apples and leafy greens and even softer fruits

Low cost

Its affordable type of juicer compared to high quality juicers .Thereby its used in juicing wheat grass and other produce when the juice is needed .It is cheap to purchase this manual juicer compared to electrical operating juicers which are too expensive.

Cleaning is made easier.

Easy clean-up is effective when using handy juicer as compared to electrical one. The pulp selection should be made as this does not include many parts as it handled manually and not more effort is used during cleaning .Wheat grass juicer produces many variety of juices hence you can clean any time needed.