Despite the lure of life as a stay at home mum, one should find activities to fill in the time

Busy mother putting dishes in dishwasher

Life as a stay at home mum can be a lot of fun but the boredom can also be overwhelming if one does not have activities to engage in and fill up the excessive free time. This is especially the case if one is accustomed to a daily work routine. Many times, people who work 9-5 jobs usually crave for free time when they can relax and do their own stuff. However, after a few days of staying at home, one quickly realizes that staying at home can soon become boring.

Before I got pregnant I was working at a small bank in town. To be honest, I did not like my job and I hated the monotonous routine that I had to go through every day. I was in the finance department and despite the fact that I had pursued finance in college, I came to realize later that I did not like it but it was too late.

When I got married and my husband expressed his desire that once we got kids I would quit my job and take care of the children, I was delighted. This was my chance to quit my torturous job. In any case, I also wanted to be able to raise my own kids. Luckily my husband’s job could comfortably support us and the kids.

Therefore, a few months into my pregnancy I officially resigned from my job at the bank. For some people, my move was a crazy move but for me it was all that I wanted.

During the first weeks I was always busy shopping and making arrangements for my baby. This included doing a lot of reading on child birth and child care. I also visited expert obstetricians who counseled me and monitored the progress of my pregnancy. After some time, I got to a point where I pretty knew all that I needed to know and I had done all the necessary preparations for my child. I still had two months to go to delivery.

This is when boredom started creeping in. I would wake up in the morning and I would literally struggle to find something to do during the day. Since exercise was healthy for my condition, I ended spending a huge chunk of the morning taking walks. This however still left me with a whole evening without a plan.

Many women at this time turn to the TV or to online social sites but I am not a fan of either.

Being desperate to find something worthwhile and enjoyable to fill my free time, I decided to look for an online job that I could work on. I had heard from various sources that there were fun online jobs that people could do from home and earn some good money while enjoying it at the same time.

After searching the internet I discovered numerous types of online jobs that I could work on from the comfort of my home. I decided that I would work as an online researcher helping firms and individuals with online research.