Common mistakes that many people make when changing their careers

career-mistakesMoving from one career to the other is not an easy process. This movement is necessitated by the need for a more challenging job, need for growth in your field and to take up bigger roles and a need to strategically place yourself for future opportunities.

People who serve in one position for too long may also get to a point where they feel burnt out with the only option for a new challenge being to move out. People who are talented with multiple skills may also feel that their skills and talents are not being utilized well hence the need to move. Here are some of the mistakes you should avoid if you decide to change careers.

Dissatisfaction related with the work you engage in is one of the leading causes of health complications that adults suffer. This is especially so for people who move from one career to the other only to end up dissatisfied with the current career too. One of the biggest reasons for career movement is money which should never be the sole reason for career movement.

Jobs that look hot because a friend or family member is making loads of money in them may end up burning you out if you change careers without doing a thorough introspection of your capabilities, skills and talents. A talented beautician with a job in the cosmetology industry may find it very hard to fit in sales and marketing unless they are multi talented.

A qualified professional who’s qualified in pharmacy would have to set aside an additional four years so as to change to a career as an IT expert. Going back to school to pursue a new degree is not only expensive but it is also time consuming. Before making the choice to go back to school for a degree in a new field other means of acquiring skills and experience in that field should first be pursued. They include seeking for contractual assignments in your new career path, signing up for attachments and apprenticeship.

Always avoid relying too much on placement agencies once you’ve made the decision to make a career change. Career placement agencies are known to put more emphasis on upward movement rather than lateral movement so desired by many people who are on a quest to change careers. Career experts and counselors should only be facilitators but the actual research and final decision should all be made by you.

Change of a career is a very invigorating process that should not be expected to happen overnight. Change of career may take a minimum of seven months while in some cases it may take at least a year especially when it involves movement to a different city or country.

Once you decide to change careers do not stick to the usual possibilities but you should stretch the possibilities by making extensive inquiries, research and making in depth exploration of promising fields. You should also make sure that you explore all forms of print media on career choices and online sources.