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Crashplan: Mac’s BFF

There is no doubt that Carbonite as well as CrashPlan have a great deal in common however there are considerable distinctions between the two providers and also depending on your needs those distinctions will determine whether you

Security Protocols of Pogoplug And My PC Backup

Even though cloud storage program are a wonderful option for everyone who is seeking a safe place to store their files, unfortunately there are some cloud storage programs that cause problems. Some companies take advantage of the

What’s Behind the Mobile Home Popularity!

Over the last decade, tiny houses have become a new fashion. Especially with people attempting to reduce their carbon foot prints. There have also been an increased number of business people who do not utilize their homes

Can Mobile Homes Be Warm & Comfy

Most people think of mobile homes as chilly and uncomfortable. However, mobile homes can be just as warm and comfy as any other home. Along with mobile homes, prefab cabins and cottages can be just as cozy.

Plastic Over Paper?

If you look around, paper is becoming less and less of a popular element in our world. Whether it’s digital that is taking over, or plastic, paper is slowly being cycled out. This is also true in

Bad Credit – Bad Life!

Credit cards, if not approached in a responsible manner, can really be the anchor that pulls your life down. Living in debt is a not fun thing to experience, and neither is not being able to pay

5 Tips For Making Your Home More Green

Sustainable living is on the minds of most people today; with states experiencing year’s worth of drought conditions and weather patterns becoming unpredictable it’s no wonder. Making your home more environmentally friendly is not that hard to

What Is The Tiny House Movement & How Can It Change Your Life?

Even after the massive housing crash of 2008 homes are still at price levels that most people cannot afford. It’s no wonder then that the tiny house movement is gaining momentum, particularly in the United States (Europe