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Touring Singapore Parks on a bike

I love touring the exciting parks and attractions of Singapore. For one, I love enjoying recreation in the outdoors. I love beautiful natural sites and I love meeting other fun loving people. Most of all, I love

Coming to Singapore and securing a rental residence

When I came to Singapore for the first time, I was quite unfamiliar with the new ways of the populous country. I was still quite young so I did not really care about the fact that it

Relocating to Singapore

With soon to be nine state-of-the-art tertiary hospitals of circa 1,000 beds or more, the Singapore government investing another S$8 billion in the future of health care in this year alone, and the medical tourism industry expected

Pros and Cons of Living in Singapore

If you want to stay in Singapore for an extended period of time, you may be looking for an affordable room for rent in Singapore. Whether expats want to rent an HDB (government-owned) flat or a privately