How to Bring Your Outdoor Workout Home

Outdoor workouts are amazing. They are the best way to enjoy a beautiful day outside and keep yourself in shape. It’s unfortunate when the weather turns against you. It’s bitter cold with snow that’s turning into slush

Caffeine and its Affect on People

Caffeine is a hot topic in today’s health conscious society, and anyone with a vested interest in streets that were once crowded with churches and liquor stores have been replaced by just as many-if not more-cafes and

Plastic Over Paper?

If you look around, paper is becoming less and less of a popular element in our world. Whether it’s digital that is taking over, or plastic, paper is slowly being cycled out. This is also true in

Bad Credit – Bad Life!

Credit cards, if not approached in a responsible manner, can really be the anchor that pulls your life down. Living in debt is a not fun thing to experience, and neither is not being able to pay

Is Healthy Really Wealthy?

A lot goes into your total net worth. To figure your net worth you can simply just take the total amount of your assets and subtract that by the cost of all your liabilities. This may seem

Rice: The Perfect Fuel For Carb Loading

Before we begin, congratulations are in order for…you! Carb loading suggests you are in the final stages of preparing for some serious physical activity. If this is the case, let’s review some facts so you don’t end

Women’s Health Issues Can Be Improved With Vitamins

There are over 3 billion women living in the world today, and very few are consuming the amount of vitamins they need to keep the body functioning at maximum efficiency. Everybody has the ability to make vitamin

Eating Clean Could Be The Secret To Weight Loss

It can be hard to lose weight these days, especially if you are not a person who enjoys cooking. The options for those who want fast, convenient food can be limited and it is hard not to

Don’t Be Fooled When Buying Your New Bike

When it comes to purchasing a new bike with cash or a credit card it’s best to know exactly what style you want being that there are many models and brands to choose from. Keep in mind

5 Tips For Making Your Home More Green

Sustainable living is on the minds of most people today; with states experiencing year’s worth of drought conditions and weather patterns becoming unpredictable it’s no wonder. Making your home more environmentally friendly is not that hard to

What Is The Tiny House Movement & How Can It Change Your Life?

Even after the massive housing crash of 2008 homes are still at price levels that most people cannot afford. It’s no wonder then that the tiny house movement is gaining momentum, particularly in the United States (Europe

Heart Healthy Advice from a Top Cardiologist

Even when your family tree is full of people with heart disease, you can cut your risks by pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Your genetic predisposition to heart disease means you need to be more aware of your

The Importance Of Stretching For Injury Prevention

Stretching both before and after exercise is important, but what is more important is the type of stretching being performed. The reason an individual should stretch before exercise is to gain more flexibility and range of motion

5 Reasons To Try The Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet or Paleolithic diet consists of what our ancestors consumed during the Paleolithic era which ended around 10,000 BP (before present). It is made up of fish, vegetables, pasture raised meats, eggs, nuts, and roots,